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“I use TSI to build the core engineering team at my start-ups; I readily invest time working with them because I am confident that I will get great people through them. Simply put, I get the best people through TSI.”

Afshin Daghi, VP of Engineering, Fusion-io

“TSI’s broad range of expertise spans systems software, embedded systems, graphics and gaming. I use them for any and all searches technical and they have consistently delivered strong candidates.”

Howard Cheng, VP of R&D, Nintendo Technology Development

“Recruiting is Alan’s passion, and he has gone to great lengths over the years to bring Qualcomm/Atheros some of the finest engineering talent out there. Atheros and I will continue to work with Technology Search as the company continues in its growth trajectory.”

Rick Bahr, SVP, Qualcomm

“Alan and his team essentially helped to build a world class engineering team, one of the best and brightest Silicon Valley has ever seen. The company owes some of its early success to what TSI accomplished.”

Helen Bradley, Former SVP, Engineering, Network Appliance